The process of selecting and negotiating with vendors is extremely important to the success of your event. Unfortunately, in some cases, it can be difficult, draining, and stressful. There are often large selections of potential vendors to choose from with an incredibly wide range of needs. Plus, even after selecting a vendor, it is crucial to make sure that the needs of the client and the event itself are properly communicated to the vendor for successful execution. A bad vendor performance can sour the entire event for attendees.

One problem often encountered by newly formed events or meetings is that the vendor community in a particular place doesn’t have an ongoing relationship with the hosting organization, and so there could or could not exist the likelihood for them of becoming repeat business. Another major issue – inexperienced event managers may not fully comprehend the situation from the vendors’ point of view, and lack experience in bringing the vendors into a closer and more mutually beneficial relationship.

Plan Ahead Events helps solve both these problems. Our extensive network of preferred vendors and longstanding, ongoing business relationships with those contacts means that the vendor always sees event that we are managing as a core part of their own business. Our history of managing events in multiple cities and venues has helped secure preferred pricing and first-rate treatment from our suppliers who know us and trust us. With event planners from Plan Ahead Events at your side at the negotiating table, providing guidance and helping you keep the myriad details straight, the entire negotiation process will be much smoother and more productive.

Get a jump on the negotiations by bringing in partners you can trust, with the experience and contacts to make your vendor experience productive and profitable. Call (866) 488-8988 now and let our experienced planning staff assist you in negotiating the best possible terms for your event.