Making your event the huge success you want it to be may require a sizeable budget. A good set of sponsors can reduce the cost and the complexity of a major event while raising their own profile; it’s a win-win.

Unfortunately, acquiring a good slate of sponsors may seem easy on paper, but in reality, you may require the assistance of an experienced event planner. There are two major obstacles to sponsorship acquisition, and Plan Ahead Events can provide invaluable assistance in overcoming both.

Unfamiliarity – You know of an organization that may be a good complement to your event, but they may not know you. Unless you’ve done a sponsorship deal with them before or have a very high company profile, the decision-makers at an organization may not be familiar with your group. Equally as important, your team doesn’t really know which people at the potential sponsoring company should be approached, or who has the decision authority to green light a sponsorship deal.

Whether it’s nonprofit event or a major tradeshow, Plan Ahead Events will help you to identify which companies and brands might be good partners to sponsor your event. Our experts will help your organization put together a strong sponsorship deck that lets prospective sponsors know who you are, what your event is all about and why they should consider sponsoring you.

Value – Companies are approached constantly, with a barrage of proposals and requests to sponsor everything from schoolyard fundraisers to new global enterprises. The difficulty for the sponsor is that they may have limited resources to spend, and they want to use their funds to get maximum exposure and brand awareness.

Our experienced team will help you put together a multi-tiered sponsorship package proposal that allows companies to choose the buy-in package that makes sense for them and their budgets. We’ll make sure your proposal explains the reach of their sponsorship and the audience to whom their brand will be presented. Whether it’s having their logo on the event signage or inclusion on your events program, we will also help you identify options to include in your sponsorship packages.

PAE event planners can identify the right sponsors for your event, organize your package options, prepare proposals that will appeal specifically to the preferences of those sponsors and negotiate the terms of the sponsorship.

To learn how our event planners today can help make your event a success with our sponsorship acquisition services, fill out our request more information form or call 1-866-488-8988.