The concept is a simple and straightforward one - put advertising of your company’s products and services on everyday items like pens, calendars, tote bags, etc., and then give those promotional products to your new and existing customers. The customer or prospective customer is delighted to have a new keychain or flash drive and thinks kindly of your organization, people who may never have heard of see your logo or message every time the recipient takes it out and uses it, and your marketing department is happy to know that 10,000 copies of your product’s messaging are out there making visual impressions on the customer base at a fraction of the cost of a conventional ad campaign.

Promotional items of high quality or value make great incentives, both for your customers and to motivate employees and contractors. A simple t-shirt with a catchy phrase or compelling image can be a highly-sought-after commodity to the employees whose work goes into the product. It’s a good idea to keep those uses in mind when selecting the actual products your company puts its messaging on. However, the largest distribution of promotional products will usually be directly giving them out to prospective clients and customers at trade shows, conventions, and other gatherings.

Promotional products are a great idea - but they are also a common one. You can safely assume that every other vendor at the trade show will be giving away products, the same as your firm - thus, it will be important to stand out from the crowd with innovative ideas and products that your competitors haven’t even thought of. That’s one area where the highly-trained experts at Plan Ahead Events can really help make your offerings shine; our teams know what’s hot in the market and what’s not, and can give you great ideas for breaking new ground in product distribution.

Another reason to coordinate your promotional product development with Plan Ahead Events is that we can bring you the benefits of access to our exhaustive network of suppliers and designers. Because Plan Ahead Events is involved in bringing so much business to these vendors, going through PAE will get your company the best possible deals and pricing on promotional items. Our buying power brings the best deals possible to the table - meaning that your company has more money available to use for your program, promotion, or event.

Whether you are ready to start production on your promotional items or are still in the envelope-stuffing stage, the experts at Plan Ahead Events are ready and able to share their years of knowledge of the promotional item marketplace with you and your team. Give us a call right now at 800-379-1092 and we can get started on your promotional item package immediately.