Food and beverage planning for an event or business meeting can be an overwhelming and stressful task. If you’ve ever prepared or planned a simple Thanksgiving dinner for ten people, you’re aware of how much work, communication and preparation are required. Now imagine that you’re preparing not one meal, but several meals over the course of multiple days – and there are hundreds or maybe thousands of people coming. While you may assume that simply hiring a vendor or catering service will help take care of any issues that may arise, many are surprised to discover that the vendors expect the event management team to participate as well.

Avoiding the stress is achievable, however, with the applied expertise from the professional event planners at Plan Ahead Events. With years of experience under our belts, we have seen it all and know what has to be done and who is expected to do it. That’s experience that takes a lot of time to develop, and usually involves learning a lot of lessons in all types of conditions.

In addition, not only are Plan Ahead Events’ teams experienced in the daily stresses and strains of food and beverage planning for so many people, we also have already built our preferred network of established, trustworthy, and honest vendors and caterers in the communities we serve. Having those extensive personal contacts means that when problems do arise, the Plan Ahead Events team is already in a trusted relationship with the vendor – and that, in turn, means that problems are likely to be resolved to your satisfaction. And of course, the long-term arrangements we have with our network means that the price is always right, and the event catering runs efficiently and smoothly.

To put our extensive network of food and beverage service vendors to work for your event – call (866) 488-8988 today so that we can help you get the best possible solution for your event and the best possible price for the value you receive.