A corporate event is always livelier when it features entertainment. Singers, dancers, comedians, stage magicians, hypnotists, speakers, musicians – there are countless entertainment options, many you probably have never considered. When entertainment is part of your corporate event, it enhances the value and enjoyment of the event in the minds of attendees. There are times when entertainment is not appropriate for your corporate event, but when the fit is right between your event and entertainment, the added value to your attendees can be enormous.

But arranging quality entertainment for your event is time consuming and often difficult. Many “name” acts are inaccessible because of budget constraints or because your organization doesn’t have ties to the entertainment industry. On the other hand, local and specialty acts that might be a perfect match for your event are also hard to find because they aren’t on the radar of major booking companies. Hiring entertainers for events, unless you are in the entertainment industry, is not something that your company or organization does on a daily basis. What’s the answer?

Fortunately, partnering with Plan Ahead Events is an excellent way to make all these obstacles disappear. We have extensive connections with performers, agents, and agencies of all sizes and in all areas of the entertainment business. Whether you need a local stand-up comic for a staff meeting or a nationally-known rock band to pump 50,000 watts into your huge annual convention, Plan Ahead Events has the contacts and the know-how that can make it happen while you focus on developing the goals and objectives for your meeting or convention.

We can help you identify the kind of entertainment that will work for your organization as well as show you the financial impact for the types of performers who are right for your event. We coordinate the hiring and management of the acts, deal with the contracts and booking issues, and leave you free to enjoy the show.

Give us a call today and find out how our event planning services can match the right corporate entertainment to your event, large and small. Call 866-488-8988 and let us entertain you!