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Ah, the holidays. The mere suggestion of this time of year conjures up images of presents, snow, eggnog and happy holiday gatherings with family and friends. If you’re hosting the party, the fantasy of the perfect holiday party is sometimes hard to make happen in reality.

We all know someone who has that one family member, office mate or friend that seems to “ruin” every holiday party or gathering. Instead of just letting the same thing happen this year, take steps to protect yourself and still keep your party a smashing success.

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It’s nearing another year end. (How does that even happen?)

If you own a business, you probably are working your tail off and think you have no time to sit down and review your business goals. Wrong!

Every business owner needs to take time at the end of each year (or beginning, depending on when you’re the most busy) to evaluate how the past year went, how many of your goals you’ve achieved, and what your new goals will be for the coming year. And if you’re not a small business owner, these items can also be a great way to evaluate events from the last year and determine how well you reached your goals for each one.

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It’s that time of year. Office holiday party planning time! Whether your holiday party will be an intimate gathering of a few people or a large affair, there are always some key things to keep in mind.

  1. Plan ahead.

Even if it’s causal, planning makes sure that everything runs smoothly in front of and behind the scenes. While you can’t possibly eliminate every possible obstacle, thinking through the party from start to finish will help you organize things so the food is out and ready when it’s needed, and there’s enough chairs and tables for everyone to enjoy themselves.

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Every event is unique. And it all starts with the venue.

Keeping costs in check is vital, but so is the overall experience for your event attendees. That’s where negotiation comes in. And if you’re good enough, you just might be able to create an extravagant event feel even on a tight budget.

As with any negotiation, there is some give and take. You need something. The venue needs something. How well you feel about the final contract can depend on how well you can negotiate the costs and amenities.

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You’ve been hired to plan the perfect outdoor summer event. You’ve got all your ducks in a row. The linens, the tents, the food — it’s all taken care of.

But do you have a plan for that summer thunderstorm that might blow through? It turns out, planning the perfect event means planning for safety, too.

The consequences of not planning can be dire. For example, in just one 24-hour period earlier this year (August 2-3 2015), severe weather put hundreds of lives at risk. According to The Weather Channel, “Winds from [a strong] thunderstorm toppled a tent at the Wood Dale, Illinois, Prairie Fest, killing one and injuring 16; an EF1 tornado tracked through Lake County, Illinois, Sunday night, ending just blocks from Six Flags Great America amusement park; and an estimated 60-mph thunderstorm winds collapsed a circus tent in Lancaster, New Hampshire, Monday afternoon, killing two and injuring at least 22 others.”

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