It’s that time of year. Office holiday party planning time! Whether your holiday party will be an intimate gathering of a few people or a large affair, there are always some key things to keep in mind.

  1. Plan ahead.

Even if it’s causal, planning makes sure that everything runs smoothly in front of and behind the scenes. While you can’t possibly eliminate every possible obstacle, thinking through the party from start to finish will help you organize things so the food is out and ready when it’s needed, and there’s enough chairs and tables for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Be sure the date you’ve chosen will work for most of the guests. Sending out beautiful invitations and planning the event to the tiniest detail won’t matter much if there isn’t anyone there to enjoy it. Holidays are a busy time, so thoughtfully choosing a date is important.


  1. Decorations should be festive, but not tacky.

If you don’t typically do decorating, don’t try and go over the top for this party. It will most likely end up being tacky and not the memorable experience you were hoping for. Use fresh holiday greenery, flowers and garlands to create that holiday atmosphere. And bonus! These things are readily available during the holidays, so they won’t be hard to come by and might even keep your costs down.

  1. Don’t feel like you have to use every holiday decoration available.

Besides the possibility of being tacky and garish, using every ornament on the tree and every holiday tchotchke can be way too matchy-matchy. Try juxtaposing modern and traditional elements, or sticking to one color scheme or theme (think neutrals or glam). Building on tradition by adding on to your collection each year can be fabulous, but be sure to stick with the theme or risk everything becoming just too much.

  1. Consider lighting.

Tablescapes should be thought through as much as the rest of the decor. Consider the lighting in the room, and create centerpieces that carry on the theme. If you’re going for rustic holiday, consider greenery surrounding thick pillar candles. If glam is your theme, use mirrors under multiple size candles of different heights and widths to help reflect the light and add a bit of glamour.

  1. Send your guests home with a gift.

It doesn’t have to break the bank, but sending your guests home with a little something can end the party on a high note. A small wreath, a personalized ornament, or something homemade. Anything that you feel will be appreciated and enjoyed by your guests.

And if you ever decide that you’d rather leave the planning to the professionals, we’re always here to help! Contact us at

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