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Why In-Person Meetings Still Matter

In the late 90s, we were working with a company that just launched a video conference tool for all their offices. The CEO was excited to test it out at the next management meeting. The big day came, executives from 3 states were calling in over the VERY expensive equipment. Well, they were trying. The system crashed. The equipment didn’t work right. And the meeting didn’t happen.

Fast forward 20 years and the technology has changed tremendously. Instead of expensive equipment, we can all video conference over our smartphones and laptops. And the software is free and works great! But are we TOO reliant on this technology now? Well, maybe. As great as digital conference systems work, in-person meetings still matter.

4 Creative Fundraising Ideas

Over dinner one evening, a friend mentions that they’re looking to put together a fundraiser for a non-profit that’s close to their heart. But they’re tired of the same old scenarios and they’ve tasked you to come up with something more creative.

Sound familiar? It’s something we hear quite often these days, so here are four creative fundraising ideas to get you started